LOVE IN SPACE-TIME: A Re-Memory in 12 Scenes

August 14, 2018 @ 7:00 pm
Next Stage
15 Kimball Hill
Putney, VT 05346
$10 donation at the door.

Next Stage presents:

LOVE IN SPACE-TIME: A Re-Memory in 12 Scenes
A Stage Reading by New York Theater Company GF&CO

“LOVE IN SPACE-TIME: A Re-Memory in 12 Scenes“  is a performance project for 4 performers. The script is an experimental non-linear narrative that aims to create an experience of space-time (also known as the fourth dimension or the time continuum). Scenes overlap, repeat and are layered. Time and space are fluid.
The story itself is a woman’s passage through the love and loss of two men, her father and her lover — suggesting that it’s during experiences of love and grief that a doorway into the 4th dimension opens up for us if we care to walk through it. LOVE IN SPACE-TIME is a journey of hope, humor, catharsis, and redemption. It is a story about what lies on the other side of grief. It is a re-memory of love in space-time.
Estimated length is 80–90 minutes without intermission.
$10 donation at the door.