Apron Theater presents “Love and Information”

August 3, 2018 @ 7:30 pm
Next Stage
15 Kimball Hill
Putney, VT 05346
Tickets $15 (Senior tickets $5.00 for Sunday matinee only)

Love and Information by Caryl Churchill
For their upcoming August production, The Apron Theater Co and The Next Stage Arts Project are producing Caryl Churchill’s more recent play, Love and Information
In a series of vignettes, over 100 vibrant characters search for meaning in their lives. Through sex, death, feeling, and thinking they discover each other. Within their intimate whispers, philosophical exchanges and life-changing revelations, we see ourselves and the people we love. This play, directed by Karla Baldwin, will be performed by eight actors. Some of the actors we’ve seen on the Apron stage in past seasons. They will be joined by several new faces. The ensemble includes Bryn Austin, Anneli Curnock, Lionel Chute, Henry Glejzer, Joel Kaemmerlen, Gay Maxwell, Jim Maxwell, and Bridget McBride.

“Caryl Churchill’s astonishing new piece, Love and Information, is a blast of 58 playlets. Each is very short, witty and poignant, a tiny, detailed snapshot of two people talking and exploring the relationship between facts and feelings. In every playlet – some no more than fragmentary exchanges of sentences – a piece of information is dropped, like a stone into a pond, leaving the ripples to be imagined by the audience.” – Georgina Brown, Mail on Sunday
“[A] thought-churning, deeply poignant new play… Leave it to Ms. Churchill to come up with a work that so ingeniously and exhaustively mirrors our age of the splintered attention span… This British playwright has proved herself without peer in creating expressly topical works in which form and function are one…. Sharp-minded [and] tender-hearted.” – Ben Brantley, New York Times
“The wit, invention and structural ingenuity of Churchill’s work are remarkable. She never does anything twice.” – Charles Spencer, Daily Telegraph
“Britain’s most innovative dramatist” – David Benedict, Variety
“In the fast-moving traffic of life there are still quiet moments of beauty, heart-wrenching sorrow, joy and profound epiphanies… The succinct and thought-provoking script speaks volumes about the fast turnover of modern life.” – Matthew Tucker, Huffington Post
 Performances are the weekends of August 2–5 and 9–11.
Tickets: https://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/3416121.